The Simpson Protocol created by Ines Simpson

Simpson Protocol Training UK

What is the Simpson Protocol?

The Simpson Protocol is a deep state hypnosis therapy that provides personal insight and healing for practically any issue.

I'm Honey Lansdowne, the licensed UK & India trainer for The Simpson Prototol and you can learn this form of hypnosis with me. I teach it online twice a year or in person once a year in Sussex, UK. 

You can take the training if you are new to hypnosis or have been a hypnotherapist for years. It's a complete hypnotherapy process that teachs you how to work with any issue and get great results. 

The Simpson Protocol works with higher levels of mind which creates change and deep healing on emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and soul levels.

The Simpson Protocol teaches you the best hypnotic inductions and philosophy to help your client access these states of higher mind.

No more wondering if your clients are 'really' in hypnosis, no more worrying that they won't get the results they want and no more creating fancy scripts or metaphors. Just pure hypnotic states for great outcomes. 

You can book your place on the next online course 7, 8, 27, 28 July 2024 from 12-5pm (UK time) on this page.

If you want to attend the next UK Simpson Protocol training, you can book that on this page

What does training in The Simpson Protocol give you?

  • The benefit of your client experiencing hypnosis in this way is that there is very little talking. They don't have to share their problems or secrets, and yet, can achieve remarkable change. 
  • Confidence in your ability to get your clients into deep state hypnosis and change your client's lives. 
  • Pride in your work and become part of a worldwide community of deep state hypnosis experts 
  • Options to work in a more spiritual and holistic way with hypnosis 

Learn The Simpson Protocol with Honey Lansdowne

Here are the training dates for 2024 (all times are UK time):

The online training is 4 days of 5 hours each day online, held over 2 weekends on Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm

The in person training takes place once a year and is held over 3 days of Fri/Sat/Sun in the UK. 

The content and practice for the online and in person course is exactly the same.


Online 7, 8, 27, 28 July 2024 from 12-5pm (UK time)

In person TBC See details here

If you would like to be super organised and almost forget that you've paid for it, you can book in advance and pay by installments.

The Simpson Protocol online without certification is £1200

The Simpson Protocol certification is £450 in addition to the training (please see below for benefits of being certified)

The Simpson Protocol in person is £1550 without certification (accomodation & meals are included)

Payment plans are available.

Read below for the full information on what you get with each version of the training.

If you have trained before you are welcome to join us and you also save £450 (please use the special booking button below) 

The Simpson Protocol with Honey Lansdowne

Your certification options

Without certification

  • Top quality training in The Simpson Protocol either online or in person
  • 3 full days of 7 hours if training in person version
  • 4 online sessions of 5 hour each for the online version
  • Free worldwide community membership 
  • Regular updates to The Simpson Protocol process from it's creator, Ines SimpsonAmazing hypnosis skills and client outcomes!
  • A free monthly online practice group 
  • A certificate of attendance 

With certification everything on the 'without certification list' PLUS

  1. 1
    Three months support from Honey Lansdowne in acheiving your certification
  2. 2
    A Simpson Protocol Certified Practitioner certificate and logo to display in your office and on your website
  3. 3
    The confidence that your client work has been assessed by a Simpson Protocol Trainer
  4. 4
    The use of the title 'Certified Simpson Protocol Practitioner'

BONUSES - Choose your bonus when you train with me

Choose one of the following: 

  • A free Simpson Protocol session before your course starts (value £250)
  • A review of your website with recorded feedback (value £250)

This advanced hypnosis training is incredible value

You will leave the course able to see your first client straight away. And feel confident to do so! You'll benefit from all my training and experience when you train with me.

Here's Ines Simpson, the creator of The Simpson Protocol, talking about SP

Who should learn the Simpson Protocol?

  • Hypnotherapists who want to master inductions that create deep hypnotic states and spiritual connection
  • People looking for a change of career or flexible self employment where they can help others
  • People interested in the mind
  • Counsellors that want to work with the unconcious at a deeper level
  • Body workers that want to use hypnosis to optimise the body mind connection 
  • Spiritual teachers  
  • Doctors want to make use of the mind's healing power
  • Nurses who want to make use of the mind's healing power 
  • Yoga teachers that want to work with trance 
  • Mindfulness practitioners that want to take mindfulness further  
  • Reiki practitioners who want to take their energy work further 
  • EFT/TFT/EMDR practitioners who want to do deeper healing
  • CBT practitioners that want to work with the unconcious mind
  • Coaches that want to optimise change using the unconcious mind 
  • NLP practitioners who want to extend their experience of working with the unconcious 

My Simpson Protocol journey

Ines Simpson and Honey Lansdowne

I first trained with Ines in 2016. It was the first time I experienced a deep hypnotic state. It changed my perception on a lot of things :) 

I've developed my own Simpson Protocol practice over the years and have found it to be a very healing and empowering style of hypnosis which my clients get great results with. 

I love using The Simpson Practitioner with my clients. I also love training others and being part of the SP worldwide movement which is alwasy evolving and sharing their learnings. I can't wait to share this amazing hypnosis with you.

Be a better hypnotherapist. Here's what you'll know after your Simpson Protocol hypnotherapy training

  • Create a quality pre-talk - take your clients on a proper hypnotic journey 
  • Induction techniques – how to create hypnosis 
  • Deep trance – what it is, how to recognise it, how to use it and how to safetly end it
  • The Elman Induction – a tried and tested brilliant induction
  • Rapport – creating deep rapport with your clients 
  • Work content free  – let your client work privately on their issue
  • Release techniques – find forgiveness and ease guilt and grief 
  • Idemotor signals  – learn how to communicate with your client in during deep state hypnosis
  • Self-hypnosis – teach your clients quality self-hypnosis 
  • Create somnambulism and Esdaile states – explore new hypnotic states to benefit your clients
  • Regression – clean up the root causes of your client's issue
  • Matrix imprinting – work with genetic imprinting and legacy imprints 
  • Restore human design default settings – of peace, love, welllness and self-love
  • Work with the soul/s - address soul fragmentation or trauma
  • Parts work - align the parts of self to work for the common good 
  • Inner child healing – heal the inner child and integrate into the adult self to resolve childhood issues 
  • Future pacing - allow your client to feel the benefits of the changes right away
  • Work confidently with any issue - anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, addiction, trauma, confidence, self-esteem, stop smoking, weight loss, health, fertility, childbirth. Really anything goes.  
  • Explore spirituality and telepathy - The Simpson Protocol will open new paths if you want it to
  • Confidence - that you'll be able to work on the very deepest of issues without worrying that you can't deal with it
  • Flexibility - you can use The Simpson Protocol with clients online or face to face. It works brilliantly with both
  • Empowerment - your clients will feel empowered to own their changes and outcomes because they are fully in control
  • Connection - you'll form deeper levels of connection and trust with your clients because the therapy is so respectful of the clients own inner wisdom and ability to self-heal
  • Effective - your clients will only need between 1 & 4 sessions of The Simpson Protocol. You can charge accordingly because this is specialised hypnosis that gets results. Your clients save money because they don't need endless sessions.

What students say about my training


I've enjoyed finding about the processes and strategies behind hypnotherapy, learning about the conscious, unconscious mind and why we do what we do. What I really enjoyed the most is how much Honey has given herself. It's just a really, really valuable experience around, you're not just learning, you are experiencing too. 

Ellie Talebian


Don't hesitate, do it. Honey is really supportive and informative she really knows her stuff. She's very professional and really knows her stuff. She teaches and communicates and she has a good sense of humour. 

Zoe Taylor


It's just a really, really valuable experience around, you're not just learning, you are developing yourself too

Hannah Gourlay 

If you have any questions at all please get in touch

Book your place on the next course now

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I'm a total beginner? 

Perfect. We love teaching beginners. Your advantage is you won't have to undo any bad habits. As long as you're willing to review the training videos and show up for the practice sessions, we will get you where you need to be.

What are the exact dates?

The exact schedule for the next cohort is higher up on this page in the "8-Week Syllabus" section. Click here and we'll take you right to that spot on the page. The January 2023 cohort starts on January 10 and runs for 8 weeks. Each call happens at 6pm EST (Toronto time). Future cohorts may run at different times to accommodate our global student base.

How is the training structured?

Two hours. The approximate breakdown is 75 to 90 minutes for the practice portion and 30-45 minutes of general Q&A.  

Be prepared to show up on time!  We start the meetings promptly and we keep the opening remarks very short. That way we can dive right into a quick review of each group exercise, show you a demonstration, answer any urgent questions on the exercises, and then put you into breakout rooms to start practising.  While you're in breakout rooms, we move from room to room to watch you and make notes to share as feedback. 

We will never embarrass you by calling you out for a mistake. Instead we'll point out what we notice that you can all improve on, without pointing a finger at you. We want you to feel strong and empowered by these sessions!  And that's why, after 8 weeks, people are shocked at how much more confident they are.  We regularly hear students tell us they just booked their first paying clients ... all because of the confidence they now have!

What happens when I sign up fror the training?

Although everyone experiences hypnosis differently, most clients find themselves going into a much deeper trance with The Simpson Protocol. The deep state of hypnosis acheived with The Simpson Protocol advanced hypnosis is often described as relaxing, peaceful and amazing!

What happens after the training?

After your 8-week cohort ends, this is what happens:

1) You KEEP all of the training material that we gave you inside of Foundations Live.  You keep the product, the training videos, the cheat sheets, and the Q&A recordings.  

2) We continue to build value for you! You'll have access to the Q&A sessions of all future (and past) cohorts because they all get posted inside of same Foundations LIVE training product. 

3) You continue to have access to us via the larger community group, "MMHA Engage".

Is this different to the certified hypnotherapy training that Honey Lansdowne offers? 

Yes. The MMHA is like the Netflix of hypnosis training. It's an amazing resource of organized lessons and supplemental training. But it has no live practice component. That's why we build Foundations LIVE.  It leverages our existing world-class training and gives us a way to show up LIVE, with you, to practice and offer feedback.  By adding this missing ingredient, you'll go from just studying to actually DOING.

Great question! Here is a rough breakdown for you, assuming you are brand new to our training.  

You'll need ab out 4 hours per week broken down as follows:

Pre-session training videos: Budget about 90 minutes. We usually ask you to review 1 or 2 lessons from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy before showing up the practice.  This helps everyone get on the same page for practice.

Pre-practice explainer videos: Budget 15 minutes per week. We've prepared really great videos to explain exactly what your practice session will look like.

Weekly practice plus Q&A call: Budget 2 hours (per week) for your Zoom session.

Homework: Optional, but recommended.  We'll suggest homework every week. The homework is usually to continue practicing the same skills from the weekly sessions. You can join forces with cohort members to practice together, or you can work with people from your everyday life.


What is the time commitment? 

Although everyone experiences hypnosis differently, most clients find themselves going into a much deeper trance with The Simpson Protocol. The deep state of hypnosis acheived with The Simpson Protocol advanced hypnosis is often described as relaxing, peaceful and amazing!

What if I miss a session?

You get the most out of this by showing up. But if you do happen to miss a session it's not a big deal.  Here's why:

We maintain a 24/7 practice room for you.  If you simply can't make it to the session in any given week, you still have access to the pre-practice explainer videos that tell you exactly what we practiced. And you have access to the community (with your fellow cohort members). This means you can easily find someone to meet up, online, independently, to practice with you. Students are always keen to get extra practice!

What does being in hypnosis with The Simpson Protocol feel like? 

Although everyone experiences hypnosis differently, most clients find themselves going into a much deeper trance with The Simpson Protocol. The deep state of hypnosis acheived with The Simpson Protocol advanced hypnosis is often described as relaxing, peaceful and amazing!

Will I be able to go into self-hypnosis with The Simpson Protocol? 

Oh yes! That's another great thing. Once you've been there once, you  get triggers to go back yourself whenever you choose.

Self hypnosis is great and can be used for so many different things, relaxation, health boost, pain relief, mental health, worries, self-esteem, fertility, childbirth and so much more.

How many sessions of The Simpson Protocol does a client need? 

Most clients have 1-4 sessions if dealing with deep rooted or muti issues (or just because they like it or want some support during a difficult time).

During a Simpson Protocol session, the practitioner will build in triggers for the client to be able to easily access deep levels of hypnosis by themselves whenever they choose. The client then becomes their own healer in the future, whenever they choose. 

Will I need to talk about things that have happened in my life that hurt me? 

No, not at all. The issue is referred to as the issue and all the change and healing is done in the clients mind with no leading questions or script from the Simpson Protocol Practitioner. 

Do Simpson Protocol clients need to follow instructions? 

A few yes, especially when entering hypnosis at the start of the session. But during the session most of the work is done by questions from the Simpson Protocol Practitioner. The client can speak or use their fingers to answer yes or no (this is known as ideomotor response and is part of hypnotic phenomenon. It's easy and natural. 

What are the levels of hypnosis? 

Even though there is no pass or fail or specific measure, The Simpson Protocol uses deep states of somnambulism, Esdaile and beyond. It is thought that the deeper the client goes, the deeper the possibilities. In these deep states, the unconcious is not interupted by the concious so can do all it needs to do without question.

In deep states, the client gets everything that happens around him, hears and knows everything afterwards, but he doesn't care at all at the time. 

Does a hypnotherapist have to touch me? 

If you have an in person session then the hypnotherapist may touch your forehead, arm or hand. For example, the Elman induction makes use of a cataleptic arm. Most clients enjoy the support of the human touch and there are some lovely hypnosis tecniques where rocking the client gently is involved which is very pleasant!

Can I do Simpson Protocol sessions online? 

Absolutely it works brilliantly and makes this great therapy available to everyone, from the comfort of their own home. 

What is a hypnotic coma? 

It is not something to worry about. Imagine being in a deeply relaxed state where you really didn't care what was going on around you. You certainly won't be thinking about your day to day problems there. The Esdaile state which is the target state used in The Simpson Protocol is known as a hypnotic coma state. However, communication between hypnotist and client can still take place with the use of the yes/no fingers or even by speaking. 

What is The Simpson Protocol?

The Simpson Protocol is a gentle hypnotic process designed to acheive deep state hypnosis which allows clients to fully experienced change an a pure unconcious level. It is the perfect therapy for healing even the deepest traumas, painful experiences or sensitive issues.  

It is a process that allows communication between the Simpson Protocol Practitioner and the client by voice or finger movements. It also builds in triggers for the client to access deep states when using self hypnosis, therefore becoming a self healer. 

Will The Simpson Protocol make my hypnotherapy business more successful? 

Undoubtably yes. You will get better results, have more satisfied clients and more recommendations due to the quality of your work. You can literally leave this advanced hypnosis training and work with a client. You also have the ongoing support of the thriving Simpson Protocol Community for taking it further and developing your own excitement uses for it. 

Can a Simpson Protocol session heal the inner child?

Yes, regression and inner child healing are built in but they are subtle and effective.  

What can I use The Simpson Protocol for? 

Anything. Really! A problem exists within a person. So you simply help the unconcious mind make changes that it needs and the client decides if they have got the desired outcome. 

What is the 'superconcious'

The superconcious is a term that we use in The Simpson Protocol for the unconcious and beyond. It is all knowing and very powerful. 

How much does a Simpson Protocol Practitioner charge for a session? 

A session can be between one and two hours and sessions cost around £200 to £300

How much does The Simpson Protocol training cost?

Please visit all the payment plans here  Many hypnotherapy training courses cost thousands. Simpson Protocol is complete advanced training which represents very good value.

Both beginner and existing hypnotherapists welcome

This advanced hypnosis training really is suitable for beginners and the most experienced hypnotherapist. Because you are simply learning to work with the superconcious.

Once you have learnt The Simpson Protocol, you can tailor it to your niche or use it for a broad range of issues. It really is very versitile. 

This is advanced level hypnosis built on foundations of intention, trust and solid hypnosis techniques. It is an ever evolving concept with a thriving community supporting it and each other. 

You will be taught in an experiential way. Once you feel it, you will get it and love it! 

If you have trained in The Simpson Protocol before, you are welcome to join us at a reduced rate. I really believe you will learn more each time you do the course. 

To find out more about The Simpson Protocol sign up for the free introductory course here

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