The Simpson Protocol is a deep state, content free, style of hypnosis created by Ines Simpson. 

Hi, I'm Honey Lansdowne and I am the UK trainer of The Simpson Protocol. I run online and in person classes to teach you The Simpson Protocol.

If you've heard of The Simpson Protocol before, you might want to learn it so that you can get better states of hypnosis with your clients, take them deeper and get great outcomes.

Or maybe you like the idea of this protocol because it allows for transformation and healing on emotional, spritual, physical, soul and mental levels.

It's also content free which means your clients can work on the issue without telling you all the details, so it respects their privacy.

And although you may have a niche in your hypnotherapy practice, The Simpson Protocol works on any issue. Yes that's right, ANY issue. Because it works with the unconcious and higher mind.

Oh, you'll also learn how to teach your clients self hypnosis so they have the gift of self-healing for life. 

Honey Lansdowne

Hi I'm Honey

I have been a hypnotherapist for over a decade. I've done 4 hypnotherapy diplomas and I teach full hypnotherapy certification, hypnotherapy and councelling diploma and The Simpson Protocol.

I have a thriving online therapeutic coaching practice. I specialise in helping women and teenage girls with self confidence and self esteem, anxiety and depression.

I also help new and existing therapists to start and grow their businesses through marketing and great provide starter websites. 

The Simpson Protocol is one of my favourite things because it's a holistic and complete therapy. The philosophy behind it is to be open to possibilities and wow, I've seen some possibilities come true for clients I've introduced to it.

Why wait any longer to better serve your clients? 

The Simpson Protocol can work on any issue

It's impossible to say what most clients want hypnosis to help them with because it can be an issue, really! Common issues are stop smoking, weight loss, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, habits, pain management, emotional healing, sleep, addiction, self esteem, self confidence, grief and stress. 

Then there's spiritual development, past life regression, future life progression, self hypnosis, chakra balancing, channeling, surrogacy, energy work and other realms.

The Simpson Protocol can handle all of that because it quite simple works with the sunconcious and higher mind. It gives clients access to connections and resources that they were ot able to access before and therefore anything attached to mind, can be dealt with by the mind.

We call in anything that helps and release anything that doesn't. We call this level of work superconcious.

If it sounds strange, it isn't. So little is actually known about the mind, we are simply tapping into some of it's magic!

Ines Simpson, the creator of The Simpson Protocol & Honey Lansdowne 

You can learn the Simpson Protocol with me Honey Lansdowne, online or in person in the UK. Find out more
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Simpson Protocol sessions include The Elman hypnotic induction which allows the client to go as deep as they can go. 

Then the client is guided to use their higher mind and anything else available to get inner resources that make them feel good. 

The issues that the client has come to deal with are then dealt with along with the root causes. 

A Simpson Protocol session might work on the physical body, the emotional self, spiritual elements, chakras, healing, inner child, empowerment, mindset or soul levels. 

During the session, the client does not need to relive painful events or memories and the unconcious deals with matters in a kind and holistic way. 

The session is content free which means the clients doesn't need to divulge secrets and the hypnotherapist keeps their language clean. 

There are no gentle breezes by a winding river scripts used in a Simpson Protocol session.  The session focuses on helping the client to harness  the power of hypnosis, so they get great outcomes. Clients are given the experience of going deep inside themselves and can explore their thoughts safely.

Self hypnosis is taught and that's a wonderful tool for life that can be used to deal with issues, to refresh the mind and soul or just be used for general relaxation and better sleep.  

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Many conditions can be helped with The Simpson Protocol

  • Achieving Goals 
  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Career
  • Childhood Problems
  • Compulsive Behaviour
  • Confidence
  • Depression
  • Eating Issues
  • Emotional Blocks
  • Exams
  • Fears
  • Feeling not lovable or not enough
  • Guilt
  • Health Issues
  • Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration
  • Lack of Connection
  • Migraines
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Procrastination
  • Public Speaking
  • Premenstrual Mood Issues
  • Relationships
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Self-Esteem
  • Skin Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Smoking
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress
  • Success Blocks
  • Trauma: Unresolved, from your past
  • Wealth Wiring
  • Weight Control
  • Spiritual blocks
  • Energy blocks
The Simpson Protocol can be used on any issue that is attached to the mind
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Choose your Simpson Protocol journey
Book Simpson Protocol Training
  • Become an advanced hypnotherapist
  • Train online or in person in the UK 

Investment: £1000 to £1650

Book a Simpson Protocol session
  • A deep healing hypnosis session
  • Overcome issues

Investment: £250

client results


it's impossible not to learn

I recommend training with Honey, she is so incredibly experienced and this shines through in her teaching methods. It’s impossible not to learn. If you are considering taking this course, you will be making the right decision. You will experience an incredible learning journey.


a passionate and supportive trainer

Training with Honey was a choice I’m very glad made to learn the Simpson Protocol!

Not only is she a very knowledgeable and experienced hypnotherapist, but also a passionate and supportive trainer.

She loves hypnosis because of all the beautiful resolutions it brings to the clients, so her training is aimed at making you the best hypnotherapist possible - for the greatest good of your future clients- and yourself. To this purpose, you get a lot of practice and opportunities to ask and discuss anything you need.

She will take the time to understand and reflect upon your questions to give you her best answer- which will always be supported both by her experience and her expertise in the field of hypnosis.

To top it all, she’s a brilliant NLPer, and her language is consistently clear, benevolent, devoid of judgement and thus very efficient! If you are looking to take a course with a person who truly cares about the outcome your work and progress, do not hesitate, go for Honey’s course!

Frequently Asked Questions
Does The Simpson Protocol work?

So far, all my clients who have experienced RTT with me have had great (often profound and life changing) results. Please take time to look at my google reviews and video testimonials which should reassure you that it absolutely works! 

How long does the training take?

Each Rapid Transformational Therapy session is 90 to 120 minutes long to ensure everything gets covered. 

What does it feel like?

Hypnosis is a natural state that you already enter many times a day. Watching television is a classic hypnotic state where you are focused on what you are watching. You become less aware of the things going on around you and often get carried away with the story!

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No one has ever got stuck in hypnosis. You can go straight to sleep from hypnosis which works well for a bedtime self hypnosis audio recording. 

How does The Simpson Protocol work?

RTT offers a complete therapy in each session. It works with your unconcious minfd but also reviews experiences that have created some of the beliefs you have. It helps you change your mind, set yourself free and have a more positive future (even when you had started to think that was not possible).

What if I already know the cause of my problem? 

You might be surprised about what further insights RTT brings you but more than that, how it can help you change how you feel. Forever.  

How will I feel afterwards?

Sometimes seeing really is believing and someone that looked tired and low at the start of their session will look refreshed and be smiling at the end.

Can I have a Simpson Protocol session online?

I only offer Rapid Transformational Therapy online and have worked with clients online since 2013. I use the zoom platform, it's easy to use and I can provide support on request if you haven't used it before. 

What if I can't be hypnotised?

Everyone can be hypnotised. If they want to be. 

How should I prepare for my session/s?

People love having hypnosis at home online as they can make themselves super comfortable. You can be seated (with support for your back) or lying down. I will need to see your face and upper body. Wear comfortable clothes, have a suitable temperature and make sure you won't be disturbed so you can fully indulge in you time.  

Will I be in control of my mind?

Yes, you always are and will feel very empowered about this after your session. Nothing connects you to your own mind more than hypnosis. 

Will I have to talk about painful experiences from the past?

We will have a chat at the start but you don't need to reveal anything. In hypnosis you will only say what you want to say and this will be the last time you think about things in a negative way. You will move forward.

Can I heal my inner child?

Yes, you can meet her, heal her, love her and integrate her. 

How long will it take for me to feel the changes?

Maybe you will feel the changes right away or maybe you will find the changes integrating more and more over the 21 days that you listen to your personalised recording. 

How old are people who have The Simpson Protocol?

I have used RTT with clients aged 16 to 83. It is a natural therapy and safe.

What happens when my session/sessions are finished? 

You'll feel different and your life will be different because you will have more energy, love, confidence and freedom.

How much does The Simpson Protocol cost?

Please see the package prices in the 'choose your RTT journey' section of this page. Payment plans are available on the gold and diamond packages. 

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